Donations are gratefully accepted and allow us to continue our work on behalf of persons with intellectual disabilities and their families. We will issue a tax-deductible charitable receipt for financial donations. Your donation can make a difference in the lives of persons with intellectual disabilities in your community. If you wish to make a financial donation, please call 306.652.9111.  For clothing donations only, please call 306-477-2171.


COMMUNITY LIVING ASSOCIATION SASKATOON INC. is now a Charity Partner of ChangeIt®! This is a new way to give while making everyday purchases. ChangeIt lets you automatically round up your electronic purchases and donate the difference to us!

For example, if you pay $2.82 for a large coffee using your BMO MasterCard*, RBC Royal Bank credit cards and Affinity Credit Union debit card, $0.18 will be rounded up, added to your other accumulated spare change round-ups and given to COMMUNITY LIVING ASSOCIATION SASKATOON INC. in one simple transaction each month. There is no change to your receipt or your purchasing experience. In fact the cashiers will never even know you are donating… but don’t let that stop you from telling them.

At the end of each month, a monthly donation notification will be sent directly to your inbox to let you know how much you contributed that month. At the end of each year, you’ll also receive an Official Donation Receipt for Income Tax Purposes from COMMUNITY LIVING ASSOCIATION SASKATOON INC. for every penny you donate!

If you’re a BMO MasterCard* holder or Affinity Credit Union debit card holder and would like to support COMMUNITY LIVING ASSOCIATION SASKATOON INC. through ChangeIt, here’s how you can get started:

  • Sign up your Affinity Credit Union debit card or BMO MasterCard* at
  • Select COMMUNITY LIVING ASSOCIATION SASKATOON INC. and set your rounding limits
  • Use your BMO MasterCard* or Affinity Credit Union debit card and start making a difference

You can track your donations online, adjust your rounding preferences and even set a monthly maximum to ensure you never give more than you want. ChangeIt makes giving easy, and this small change can make a huge difference for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.

Help us spread the word about this incredible opportunity for others to support COMMUNITY LIVING ASSOCIATION SASKATOON INC. with every swipe of their Affintiy Credit Union debit card or BMO MasterCard*! Tell your friends, your family and your social networks – it all starts with a little change!

* For a complete list of participating financial institutions, visit

Thank you for your support,

Shirley McGuire, President


The URL below is to register for the SaskWatch panel. SaskWatch (Insightrix) is a research company. They give you points for each survey you complete. $10 can be redeemed for 100 points. The number of points are based on the length of the survey. These points can be turned into $$$$. Doing this is a way donations can be made to help out CLASI without taking any money out of your pocket. You can request the funds to be sent to CLASI. They send a cheque along with your name and address and I will issue a receipt. I was able to donate $60 last year this way. Every donation, no matter the amount, does it’s part in helping CLASI to keep operating.

There aren’t too many places where you can actually get paid for your opinion.


Planned Giving
Planned Giving is remembering CLASI in your will or insurance policy, by
assigning stocks or bonds, or making donations in memory of a loved one. You or
your estate will receive a charitable donation receipt for tax purposes.

You may designate a bursary, trust or reserve fund for your special interest in the
area of intellectual disability. CLASI’s main focus is Social and Recreational  programs, public relations, education, advocacy, and family support.

For more information on how you can help make a difference, please email or call